The GrandView was originally opened in 1884 as a hotel and tavern to serve the Mt. Hamilton Stage Coach which scheduled trips from San Jose to the James Lick Observatory. The stage line was motorized in 1917, causing the house to close its doors.

The house reopened in 1934 and continued to operate as a tavern until a windy day in February 1942 when a fire destroyed the tavern as forestry crews watched helplessly. The Grand View was rebuilt on the same site until 1954 when it was moved across the street to its present location. Two years later on November 7, 1956, the tavern was destroyed with a very valuable set of antiques and relics in predawn fire. Within a year, the present building was constructed and reopened with the name GrandView Restaurant. During the past 40 years Lucy & Nino lovingly ran the restaurant and closed the doors when they turned the keys over to the Carrubba brothers in May of 2014.  The two brothers from Sicily, Giuseppe and Maurizio saw the potential and the connection that The Grand View had to the community and took the plunge!

After a revival, the restaurant and venue you see today brings new splendor to the historical site, as well as honor the name it has held for over 100 years. 

Welcome and enjoy the View!